Why Briton?

Founded in 2009, Briton combines the best of classroom tutorials and online modules for busy professionals who want a quality, hassle free learning process.



Creative English Programs
Briton Language School is an innovative education provider for ESL learners. Established in 2009, Briton Language School has been delivering high quality, creative English programs, helping thousands of students to improve and progress from zero to higher level of language proficiency skills.



Our teachers
We have well-trained and certified teachers who are dedicated to create an interesting, and fun learning environment for students. The teachers deliver the lessons by using a multi –skill approach to meet the individual needs and learning preferences. The students benefit from innovative and creative lessons.



Flexible Learning Schedule
Briton Language School offers English Language courses which are designed with flexible learning schedule for adult learners. We offer online, weekdays and weekends course delivery formats allocate more tremendous flexibility and more options for working-adults to schedule the classes which suit them best. We also provide the counselling classes for learners to have a one-to-one session with the teacher. Busy working adults who miss the classes needn’t worry anymore because of our counselling sessions.



Our learning environment
The classes are equipped with Pearson English Interactive facilities such as PEI platform, computer lab, and projectors which enable the students to interact and learn more effectively. The learning materials support students build their English for international communication. The learners exploit from blended learning tools that engage them to practise their English in a safe and structured learning environment